Maderas NIMF15 – ISPM15

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Timber ISPM15

Grupo Costiña - Maderas NIMF15
In Costina SL, we understand the importance of conservation and care they need forests, raw material of our work area, for this reason we have strived to innovate each of the production processes to achieve sustainable modern techniques in forestry.

Besides significant achievements for our business area, we have obtained the certification ISPM15 certifies and authorizes us in applying heat treatment and marketing of wood products providing total deworming according to international standards. This requirement is necessary for any timber that must be exported either product or packaging.

Our wood production is of the highest quality and allows us to provide a wide range of possibilities, among which are:

  • Wooden boxes.
  • wooden cages.
  • wooden pallets.
  • Wood chips.
  • Fine wood.
  • Sawdust.

In Costina SL took advantage of each of the resources provided by nature, so we developed a forest area in which we work for forestry and forestry advice. Matured project in order to provide customers who entrust us with the management of their forests, security and tranquility in processes such as recruitment and management of their plantations.

We work with the strictest levels of safety and reliability watching our heritage and customers. We are a leader in forest products.