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Grupo Costiña - Aserraderos de Madera
In Costina S.L. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality wood. Work exclusively pine (radiata and pinaster) and Eucalyptus according to the different uses will have the timber.

Over five decades constantly innovate our processes, a wide range of services and more select group of sawmills place us as a leading company in the timber industry.

Count on our professional services, all your questions will be delighted in products and services such as:

  • Timber.
  • Manufacture of table formwork.
  • Forest biomass.
  • Wooden crates.
  • wooden pallets.
  • Outdoor Wood.

We have a full team, sawmills, forestry specialist. In Costina S.L. We always care about providing a service that goes beyond the requirements of our customers, resulting in completely innovative products, designed with the strictest quality standards at highly competitive prices.

Come meet us and see why we are a leader in forestry