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Pine bark

Grupo Costiña - Corteza de pino
In Costiña S.L. care for pine bark from the moment we plant the tree. Our company coordinates its own plantations and large acreage managed for other owners. We also have a team that specializes in forestry work and forest advisory.

We offer not only wood but bark the highest quality for use in industrial sites, decorating, gardening and horticulture.

Rigorously separate pine bark in order to ensure quality and excellent appearance. Depending on customer requirements, the bark is classified as follows:
Coarse: large pieces of 70 mm. No dust. Ideal for industrial land, sloping embankments and areas that need erosion control over wind and rain.

  • Decorative (splinter): between 35 and 70 mm. Regular particles ideal to highlight groups of small trees and shrubs. Valid for use on moderate slopes. It offers good resistance to rain and wind.
  • Ornamental: particles of 15 to 35 mm. Ideal for home gardens, flower beds and small shrubs.
  • All Costiña´s organic materials, used properly nourish your plants, accelerate stabilization and protected from extreme weather conditions.

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The bark is a beneficial product given its many virtues:

  • Decorative effect.
  • Prevent weed growth.
  • Stabilization of soil temperature.
  • Soil protection and erosion control.
  • Economic.
  • Solid plant growth.
  • Enrichment.
  • Clean Access.
  • Safe product.
  • Damper for falls.
  • Availability.