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Grupo Costiña - Maderas de exterior
In Costina S.L. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality wood. We work almost exclusively with pine (radiata and pinaster) and eucalyptus in our sawmills, according to the different uses of the material.
We have advanced technology and strict quality control throughout the entire production process. In our production line products are obtained as:

  • Wood chips
  • Sawdust
  • Pine Bark

The products we produce in Costina S.L. are of the highest quality, with the best guarantees that we are confident will give complete satisfaction to the demands of our customers.
The outer material we offer is of the highest quality and can be used for working all types of furniture and wooden structures. Any outdoor space benefits from the warmth and textures that convey our products, designed to be in harmony with the environment.
We are an excellent reference in the industry, we guarantee high quality and competitive prices.