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CE wood

Grupo Costiña - Maderas NIMF15
In Costina S.L. We offer an excellent alternative to wooden structures, or in general for Lumber, which give a touch different, modern and attractive to its exterior and interior spaces.
In Costina S.L. certify compliance with quality timber bound for structural applications with compliance and certification to the CE. The client, prescriber, architect and user and have the endorsement of suitability for structural uses and committed.

Call us for expert staff work related to the use and application of:

  • Outdoor Wood.
  • Sawn wood.
  • millwork.
  • Wooden crates.

You can rest easy and safe to forest products we offer. Our proven experience and quality certifications we possess in the treatment of wood, enables us to market an excellent product that will suit all needs.

In addition, as part of our environmental commitment, we have extensive forestry division responsible for conducting all jobs recovery and conservation of raw materials, taking care of every detail they need to manage ecosystems.