Palets de madera

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Wooden pallets

Grupo Costiña - Palets de madera
In Costina S.L. is devoted primarily at its plant in Lugo Bacoi to producing timber products made from high quality pine and eucalyptus, according to the needs of each client and with the different uses of wood.

It can be used for different sectors:

  • Furniture industry.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Construction.
  • Pallets production.
  • packaging production.

Because we have a quality certification can give maximum guarantee our customers on applications of wood.

We work with a wide range of measures to respond effectively to customers requiring specific pallets. The wooden pallet is a commonly used item for transportation and handling of all kind of materials and finished products.

As manufacturers of wooden pallets to order, offer multiple types of pallet in different shapes and sizes according to current market demands.

Through our industrial pallet manufacturing and timber harvesting, contribute directly to the environment because these pallets, against other means of manipulation are recyclable and allow us to carry out logging and industrial sustainable.

If you require solutions in wood packaging, pallets, crates or other wooden structure please see our catalog of products and services. We offer high quality and best personalized advice