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Wooden boxes

Grupo Costiña - Cajas de madera
We are a company with more than fifty-year history in the field of sawing wood. At present, we have established ourselves as one of the leading forest companies and a leader in the area. We manufacture a wide variety of products and timber structures depending on the utility that customers want to give, for this we have a plant strategically located in Bacoi (Alfoz-Lugo). We also produce timber.

A significant portion of our sawmill production is concentrated in the pine high quality aimed at the furniture industry and interior decoration. In turn pine bark are exploited to produce useful products for gardening. Meanwhile, the timber gets a lower quality factor is destined to other applications in the sectors of construction and building pallets and packaging.

We conducted a thorough selection process for further log processing , sorting and sizing, to provide customers with the best quality standards in the sale of timber. We offer a complete service for every need and requirement, which also allows us to meet demands for outdoor wood.

We specialize in wooden packaging and products such as:

  • wooden pallets.
  • Wooden boards.
  • Gardening products.

Our staff, equipment and infrastructure necessary for the design and installation of industrial packaging, ideal for transporting goods. We make available to our customers the best solutions for packaging production:

  • Specific design. ISPM15 treated packaging for export
  • Packaging of large-tonnage and delicate items in the customer’s production point.
  • Protections for machining (blasting, painting, transportation).
  • Palletizing standard and special.
  • Construction and application of special supports and cradles.
  • Cages, crates of any size and / or capacity.
  • Combination of wood packaging: wood-particle board, wood-heavy duty plywood.
  • moisture insulation and applying a vacuum with desiccant salts

If you require any kind of packaging solution with specific features contact us and check the quality of our services.