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The wood is fine wood products also sell. They have different destinations, the most prominent is the supply to particle board mills.
In Costiña also manage other wood-based products such as wood chips, pine bark and sawdust. Because we have a sawmill in Bacoi, Alfoz in which we are primarily engaged in the production of wooden boards lumber from pine or eucalyptus can also manage the collection and distribution of products derived from this processing.
We offer a wide variety of forest products and services with the highest quality coefficients, thereby meeting the demands of customers.
Our work is aimed at the following sectors:

  • Forestry.
  • forestry.
  • sawing wood.
  • Making special packaging.
  • Products for gardening.
  • By-products of wood sawdust, bark chips.

In addition, our catalog integrates a range of products and services with the best value for money:

  • Wooden boards.
  • Wooden boxes.
  • Palletizing standard and special.
  • moisture insulation and applying a vacuum with desiccant salts.
  • cages and crates (all sizes and / or capacity).
  • Wooden boards.

In Costiña want to be your trusted company, not only because we contribute to the preservation of the environment using the natural resources in a sustainable way, but also because we are a forestry companies in the sector.
Call or contact us, we will be happy to assist you.