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Wood chips

Grupo Costiña - Astillas de madera
Our production line is not only focused on the processing of wood, we also develop other processes derived from forestry, wood products obtained as:

  • Wood chips.
  • Sawdust.
  • Pine Bark.
  • wood fines.

The chips are irregular material or wood fragments which give rise to a local fuel environmentally. For the generation process wood chips do not need to submit forests through logging that can use leftover wood that nature offers such as bark, branches and debris from the furniture industry.

In Costiña We are dedicated to the production and management and marketing of wood chips. This activity is aimed mainly particleboard mills. Normally the chipping is generated in the regions where their consumption is larger because its energy density is lower than that of the pellets and the non-pressed wood.

One of the significant advantages of chip production is to contribute to clearing forests, providing a better service forest. Using the chip as natural fuel is ideal for small installations and for installations of more power, also facilitates trouble-free combustion and produces less ash.

Aware that our industrial operations take place in a natural environment, in Costiña We are committed to the environment, so our activity is carried out with total sustainability.

See our range of forest products, we are one of the largest forestry companies with market experience and supported with all necessary quality certificates. We are at your disposal.