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The sawdust, is a material resulting from the sawing of wood. It is the waste of work in wood processing or lumber and is mainly used in woodworking activities to manufacture wood boards. At present, has applications in the manufacture of Chipboard, pellets etc, which are materials commonly used in tablets feeding biomass boilers.

Although our main lines of work are wood processing and forestry, in Costiña also sell products such as:

  • Wood chips.
  • Sawdust.
  • Pine Bark.
  • wood fines.

We use forestry waste like sawdust in order to reduce fossil fuel consumption, in turn reducing their impacts on the environment.

The residues from forestry are classified into two classes: those products originating in forest management and forestry and waste wood processing.

Although production of sawdust is not one of our main areas of activity has great importance due to its applications in industries board and fuel biomass.

We have an advanced technological equipment on two mills, a sawmill in Bacoi and a factory in Avilés, in order to cover all the processes related to the production and processing of timber. We also have a team capable of carrying out the work more specialized, widely satisfying the requirements of each of our clients.

We offer a wide range of products and services of forestry. Contact us, we will respond with professionalism and personalized service.