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The quality of a product or service becomes evident when it satisfies the requirements of its consumers. From the storage timber to its final packaging is important to comply with the changes, treatments and other transformation processes to which our raw material, wood, must be submitted. The goal is to obtain a product that fits perfectly in dimensions, weight and features, to the end customer requirements.

By implementing its own system of quality control in Costiña SL we have become the first Spanish organization in our industry to receive certification of quality control ISO 9002:1994 issued by AENOR.

In addition, in April 2002 Costiña SL adaptation was certified its quality system to the new ISO 9000:2000, which places us as a company of high recognition both as sawing wood products as the yield we get from the biomass of each forest which we conduct sustainable forestry.

We seek constantly to improve production methods optimizing human and technical resources, and reaffirming our commitment to our customers and the nature of our business feedstock.

Within our portfolio you will find industrial packaging products tailored to client’s business profile, as well as products derived from wood, forestry advice and gardening items, among others.

Always have a qualified team ready to provide the best service. In Costina SL, will be delighted all your needs in forest products. Come see us!

We are a responsible and committed to offer our customers in the market forest products to meet their demands. Count on us will be your best ally.