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In Costiña S.L. we care about our employees create an awareness of environmental protection, which is why we have become a company that uses 100% of the raw material of our forests. This means that our waste is fully utilized for the manufacture of other household products and industrial useful.

Grupo Costiña - PEFC y FSCS.L. Costina certifies its Sustainable Management Chain of Custody according to PEFC standard 2 in its sector. A clear example of the commitment and work to foster sustainable basis so that our activity represents a positive development in the future of our natural resources, which are the basis of our present and future activity.

We are currently working on forest certification and chain of custody assets with FSC standards is known by the following symbol:

We own forests and clients who have entrusted their care and conservation, for which we developed a forestry division where we offer the most comprehensive advice, making nature our business and manufacturing different types of forest products in a sustainable manner, such as lumber, pallets, packaging, wood panels and other wooden structures.

We use art machinery allows us to be in constant transformation and change, conducting environmental projects that manage sustainable forest biomass in a manner beneficial to the forest land we manage to conserve ecosystems found there.

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