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Thanks to the efforts that we have made more than fifty years in the forestry sector in Costiña SL we implemented as part of our business philosophy of quality and efficiency in sawing timber, achieving excellent results in each of the products we offer.

We work with a team of highly qualified professionals has allowed us to obtain projection in foreign markets, increase annual production and specialize in cutting conifers and the design and installation of special packaging, wooden boxes, wooden pallets and other products that are part of our forestry.

As part of our business practices in Costina SL:

  • We care about the care and recovery of the environment.
  • We strive to have a team of qualified professionals in constant training.
  • We the strictest quality and professionalism in each of our products.
  • We take the human and natural resources available to us following a line of austerity and sustainability issue.


We are a responsible and committed to offer our customers in the market forest products to meet their demands. Count on us will be your best ally.

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