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  • The group

    With 70 years of experience in the timber industry in SL Costina we have consolidated as one of the best forestry companies
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  • Sawnwood

    The cuts made on trees assures strong pieces of wood for structural and aesthetic uses.
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  • Forest products

    In Costina S.L. quality wood transformed to offer a wide variety of forest products.
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Our ongoing commitment is still meet the demands of our customers on the quality and processing of forest products we offer. To ensure this provision Costina Group consolidated as such, expanding its business unit in three key areas:

Costina S.L.

In this area we are in charge of forest managing, forestry, and the transformation of raw materials into products of excellent wood-consuming products our customers.

Grupo Costiña - Planta Alfoz y planta Avilés

In addition to the management, collection and transportation of waste wood. Activity currently developed in Galicia and Asturias.

Costina II, SL

Within this area we handle the shredding of wood and other byproducts obtaining commercial and industrial interest.

Grupo Costiña - Planta Alfoz (Lugo)

Costiña Orgánica, SL

We specialize in forest products and organic gardening and horticulture.

We invite you to learn more of what we have available for you in Costiña Orgánica. Our plant is in O Pino, next to Santiago de Compostela.

Grupo Costiña - Mapa localización Costiña OrgánicaGrupo Costiña - Costiña OrgánicaGrupo Costiña - Vista aérea Costiña Orgánica