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With 70 years of experience in the timber industry in COSTIÑA, S.L. we have consolidated as one of the best forestry companies as evidenced by the certifications obtained over time that highlight our quality standards and environmental responsibility.

Our origins lie in Galicia where we have emerged as leaders in the production of sawn timber from which we obtain forest products and by-products such as:

  • Products for gardening.
  • Wooden packaging solutions (boxes, cases and adhoc packaging proyects).
  • Wood chips.
  • Pine bark.
  • wood and bark Fines.


We have latest machinery technology to develop sustainable forestry products developed and tailored to our customers’ requirement.

Our commitment to the environment is continuing with our forestry division in which we are called upon to give the best advice on the care of our forests and our customers.

We have established ourselves as a team of prestigious group comprised of companies like Costiña, Costiña Orgánica, Costiña II. Always committed to offer the best forest products..Come see us!

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