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Grupo Costiña - Subproductos de maderas

TIMBER BYPRODUCTS: Sawdust, Wood Chips, Pine and Eucaliptus Bark

We are experts marketing timber coproducts with all guarantee.
Quality Byproducts:

  • Sawdust.
  • Wood chips.
  • Pine Bark.
  • Wood Fines.

Forestry activities executed by Costiña SL possible to obtain a wide range of wood byproducts for different uses. The bark, for example, can be used for mulch in the gardening sector, for the production of potting soils, to obtain the middling and for other purposes.

We offer the best selection of saw dust, ideal for making chipboard, wood pellets. Can also be used as fuel, or simply absorbing construction for industrial purposes.

In Costiña S.L. our products are top quality, obtained through rigorous selection of the waste generated after the sawing wood. Throughout the process of obtaining these derivatives retain a sustainable relationship with the environment, because our work is premised on respect for the environment in forest management.

Trust us. We guarantee quality, service and competitive prices of the products and by-products that are extracted from the wood. Costiña SL has established itself as one of the leading companies in the sector in Galicia and the first Spanish company sawing wood to be certified ISO 9002 in 1999.