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Timber 2nd transformation

The collection and processing of wood allows us to offer products tailored to their needs, focused on the uses: industrial, aesthetic, structural, packaging and construction. This process respects environmental policies set by Costina SL without affecting the environment.

The harvesting, debarking, removing branches, sawing and drying are the phases of the transformation process we followed in the treatment of wood under the strictest safety and quality. This tough and durable product that Costiña offers can be used for different purposes either in the area of construction, gardening, natural environment, decor, furnishings or manufacturing various utensils.

For a beautiful finish in any space consider the benefits that these forest products converted to wood structures can offer. In addition, we produce wooden pallets and wooden packaging products, standard or tailor made, used as the basis for grouping, storing, handling and transporting goods in general.

In Costina S.L. we continually improve and innovate our work processes and products derived thereof, so as to achieve sustainable growth. During the last decade have led to the search for new implementations for our facilities, in order to improve the drying methods and automation of treatment processes, cutting and timber handling.

Come and enjoy a job well done and with all the guarantees of quality and sustainability. We are Costiña. Contact us!