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Grupo Costiña - Sustratos orgánicos para jardinería y horticultura


Grupo Costiña - Substractos organicos

By industrial processes conducted at pine bark plants are obtained which are substrates for all kinds of functional phytotechnical applications, resulting in a final product free of seeds, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

We have many alternatives that make our forestry a wide range of services for customers. Not only transform the pine, we offer solutions in diverse fields such as:

  • Forestry.
  • forestry.
  • sawing wood.
  • Making special packaging.
  • Products for gardening.
  • By-products of wood sawdust, wood chips, bark nuggets.

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If you require solutions for your plantations, Costiña offers you forest and wood products with the highest quality certified. Contact us and learn about the advantages and environmental benefits decorative can be obtained through our services. Look forward to hear from you