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Grupo Costiña - Embalaje industrial

Industrial wood packaging. Solutions

Besides having the right equipment and an innovative infrastructure, in Costiña we have a professional staff that is responsible for the design and assembly of wood packaging to suit customers.

We use wood for the construction of:

  • wooden pallets.
  • Wooden boxes.
  • moisture insulation and applying a vacuum with desiccant salts.
  • Drawers and wooden cages (any size and / or capacity).
  • Wooden boards.

The packaging or other wooden structures as the pallets are products tailored to each customer’s specifications in terms of size, weight, transportation, protection against moisture or shock, adjusting to the regulations that guide the international transit of goods packed.

One of the value added services we provide in our company is to conduct special packaging in the same factory even customers. One of the hallmarks of our corporate philosophy is to meet the needs of applicants, offering specific services to suit each business profile.

Whether transporting metal coils, tinplate packages, coins, metal disks, equipment, any equipment or cranes forging in Costiña SL work with high levels of professionalism to give the best possible industrial packaging solutions.

Our services integrate production activities such as:

  • Specific design.
  • Packaging of large-tonnage and delicate items in the customer’s production point.
  • Protections for machining (blasting, painting, transportation).
  • Combination of wood packaging: wood-particle board, wood-heavy duty plywood.

Our work is supported by quality certifications necessary for proper management. We apply all standards of quality and type of wood, and international marking and labeling.

We special treatments which Costiña is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for export to third countries with phytosanitary regulations in compliance with ISPM 15 guidelines for NAPPO countries, China, Australia, etc..

Ask us, we offer a wide range of possibilities within the forestry and wood processing.

Grupo Costiña- embalaje industrial