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Madera - Silvicultura - COSTIÑA S.L.


In Costina S.L. we offer a wide range of services, performed by a team of expert and art machinery. Our activity is based on the sustainable use of raw materials, the premium quality wood. We also have specialists in forestry and forestry advice.
Forestry activities we develop are based on our forest policy, which aims to provide rigor and seriousness to each of the services we offer.

  • Our services relate to the meticulous production:
  • Forest Products.
  • Forest biomass.
  • Sawn wood Timber
  • wood byproducts: sawdust, bark chips.
  • Timber 2nd transformation.
  • Industrial Packaging. Solutions.
  • Substrates organic gardening and horticulture.


We continuously develop our services improved forest therefore make investments in systems management and monitoring of farms and plantations to always know the status of each.

Our team is available to our customers to advise them on issues of forestry and environmental care.

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