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In Costina have two plants for the development of our forestry, one located in Bacoi, Alfoz (Lugo) in which wood treatments do and where we have the best team sawmills, ready to meet the needs most demanding of our customers. And another plant in Gozón (Avilés, Asturias) in which we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom wooden packaging.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are one of the leading forest companies in the sector.

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Address Sawmill in Bacoi, Alfoz

27774 BACOI, ALFOZ (Lugo)
Phone: +34 982 571 200
Fax: +34 982 558 451

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Address Packaging Facilities in Gozón (Avilés)

Fabricación de embalajes especiales
Polígono industrial Maqua, parcelas 16-17
33418 GOZÓN (Asturias)
Phone: +34 985 550 818
Fax: +34 985 544 213
Contact: Abel Díaz