Compra de madera en pie de eucalipto

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Standing Eucaliptus tree Purchasing

Grupo Costiña - Compra de Madera en Pie de Eucalipto
We have the buying service eucalyptus timber, with which we will make the comprehensive logging and logistics management to factories consuming the different parts of the tree. Our customers can purchase eucalyptus offered high quality at the best market prices. In Costiña we offer services and high quality products.

Eucalyptus has great potential for treatment and subsequent pulping cellulose or paper pulp, wood for heavy duty packaging, laminated wood and biomass energy among others. We also have a variety of forest products such as:

  • Sawn wood.
  • Wooden boxes.
  • Wooden crates.
  • Pine Bark.
  • wooden pallets.

Among others.

In our company we develop techniques to sustainability and respect for the environment, offer, therefore, a comprehensive forestry advice to foster a culture of caring for the natural environment.

Please contact our sales advisors, will gladly attend your requirements in any of our forestry in either forestry or sustainable management of forest biomass.