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Forest care

Grupo Costiña - Silvicultura
In Costiña S.L. we have a forestry division composed of a highly qualified team that is responsible for implementing any forestry and forestry advice. Our technicians perform with high rigor planning reforestation, plantations care in detail and monitor forest health in order to increase timber production.

We conducted a comprehensive forest management advising forest owners who put our hands on their forest properties.

Our forestry is based on business policies that we require the highest level of quality of our services and total customer satisfaction. This is the reason why we do seriously productive processes and compliance with the terms agreed to offer the most competitive prices in the forestry sector.

In addition to our advisory business offer:

  • Management and monitoring of forestry
  • sawing wood.
  • Making special packaging.
  • Products for gardening.
  • wood byproducts: sawdust, chips, bark.

Forestry is focused on environmental conservation through the use of specific techniques that develop sustainable exploitation and maintain better environmental sustainability.

One of the most common practices in this field is the production of quality raw material for high performance. Besides offering other products such as:

  • Wood for furniture industry.
  • Wood for decoration.
  • Sawn wood.
  • Wood structures.
  • Wooden boards.
  • Wooden boxes.
  • wooden pallets.
  • Wooden packaging.

In Costina S.L., we want you to see the diversity of forest products we offer.