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Pine pulp logs

The pine pulp logs become a part of the raw materials for the production of various types of panels and biomass mainly processed into pellets.
At present, the possibility logging in Spain has been greatly expanded through plantations, forestry and forestry professionals developed by forest management.

In Costiña we tackle projects not only with the transformation of pine, but also to the production of biofuels which requires the supply of raw materials from sawmills, as:

  • Sawdust.
  • APEAS pine.
  • Forest biomass.

The pellets are one of the fuels increasingly known in the market and are highly significant forest benefits for their low cost and because it produces less carbon monoxide.

In Costina we offer our customers a wide range of possibilities within the framework of tradition and use of wood from pine bark, always recognizing high value and environmentally sustainable development.

Some products such as bark, sawdust and chips are reused in the manufacture of paper and board, and forest products with quality assurance regarding the origin of the wood and in the commitment to sustainable forestry.

Contact us if you need advice on the use and utilization of wood with or without bark and wood industrialized resulting in different products like:

  • Pallets.
  • Packaging.
  • Wooden boards.
  • Wooden boxes.
  • Wood structures.
  • Timber.
  • wooden cages.
  • Wooden boards.

Come and see our services, we are a team of professionals that promotes forest sustainability with high quality standards to ensure optimal results in the development of our activities