Pino en tronco con corteza

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Pine Logs with bark

Grupo Costiña - Pino en tronco con corteza
The pine tree is one of the most common species in the regions of Galicia and Asturias. Its cultivation has great importance in the Iberian Peninsula and a great value biogeographic, ecological and environmental.

Another feature pine are its medicinal utilities. Furthermore, it has always been present both in the everyday and in industries engaged in the production and sale of timber, providing wood for cooking, wood for building:

  • Wooden boards.
  • Wooden boxes.
  • Wood structures.
  • wooden cages.
  • Wooden boards.
  • Wooden garden sheds.

The importance of bark pine trunk is reflected not only in forest enterprises, but in the historical and cultural traditions through different processes of industrialization in sawmills, made in pine bark used to get free products seeds , fungi, bacteria and viruses that will then be used in different applications phytotechnical.

In Costina S.L. plus related solutions transforming pine, also find the best alternative forest management for the following areas:

  • forestry harvesting and forwarding.
  • sawing wood.
  • Making special packaging.
  • Products for gardening.
  • By-products of wood, sawdust, chips, bark.

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