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Grupo-Costiña- productos forestalesForest products
We call all those products who draw off the forest with commercial potential and processing or industrial use:

– Eucalyptus Logs with bark: eucalyptus logs over 60mm diameter in lengths on request and with bark. Mainly Globulus species (most abundant in Galicia and Asturias) and Nitens

– Eucalyptus Logs without bark: of the same features as above but due debarking.

or Main applications: According to the diameter and the selection is aimed at markets such as Pulp, industry panels or boards, laminated wood, structural timbers and heavy duty packaging

– Pine Pulp logs: Thin Pine logs from 50 to 160mm in diameter and lengths on request for all types of transformation Boards, cellulose or biomass energy

– Ine Saw logs: Pine logs over 160mm. tip diameter on top and lengths on request for different transformations in sawn timber, veneer and seconds transformations in structural timber, furniture, construction and packaging.

– FOREST BIOMASS ENERGY: In Costiña transform parts of the tree less than 60mm in Biomass Chips for energy. More details in its own section (link with forest biomass)