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    With 70 years of experience in the timber industry in SL Costina we have consolidated as one of the best forestry companies
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    Grupo Costiña S.L. - El grupo

  • Sawnwood

    The cuts made on trees assures strong pieces of wood for structural and aesthetic uses.
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    Grupo Costiña S.L. - Maderas aserradas

  • Forest products

    In Costina S.L. quality wood transformed to offer a wide variety of forest products.
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    Grupo Costiña S.L. - Productos forestales


Grupo Costiña - Bienvenidos Costina an industrial business group that has over 50 years experience in forestry. We have a team dedicated to the production and marketing of forest products using wood as a primary resource for the production of tables, packaging, wooden pallets, among others, also engaged in the sale of timber in general or by-products derivatives as forest biomass energy, barks of pine and other trees, wood chips and sawdust to get the pellets.

We work with a highly qualified team in the treatment of wood with different uses, always in accordance with the requirements of our customers, keeping the highest standards of quality and sustainability in the context of forestry companies prestige.We use the latest technology that allows us to make our forestry in a safe and effective throughout the production process whether actions on our forests as those of customers who have entrusted us with their property.

We have a specialized area in forest management and forestry, which will give you the best advice on caring forestry both as growing woodland, which makes us a quality certified organization committed to the environment.

We maximize our human and natural resources with professionalism and experience, making us a leader in the market for sawn timber, timber or any other derivative.

Come discover our broad portfolio of products and services developed for you. Count on us, we are at your service!!

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Grupo Costiña - Trabajos de madera Somos COSTIÑA S.L., una empresa con dilatada trayectoria en el sector forestal, fabricación y transformación de la madera.

Wood Products

Grupo Costiña - Productos de madera En COSTIÑA S.L.ofrecemos productos de madera de la mejor calidad. Más de cinco décadas al sector forestal nos avalan.


Grupo Costiña - Actividad forestal En COSTIÑA S.L. estamos dedicados a la actividad forestaldesde hace más de cincuenta años. Contamos con certificación de calidad que avala nuestro servicio.

Productos forestales

Grupo Costiña - Productos forestales En COSTIÑA S.L.garantizamos la calidad en la elaboración y el procesamiento de los productos forestales que ofrecemos.